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Website Builder Percuma

Membina laman web dalam beberapa minit tanpa perlu belajar reka bentuk dan pengkodan! Dengan website builder ZYRO, percuma dan mudah digunakan!

Mudah, Cepat & 100% Percuma!

Laman web dihos untuk 19,525,083 pengguna di seluruh dunia!!

Website builder percuma sungguh mengagumkan!

We recommend a free Zyro website builder with hundreds of website templates. Even your granny can build beautiful & functional websites like a real PRO! Choose your template, drag & drop your text or other web elements and press Publish. Done! No technical, design or coding knowledge is required, just click, drag & drop! Thanks to 000webhost technology, your website will automatically get free web hosting storage and private internet address - free domain or subdomain. You will be able to manage and update your website in few simple clicks, as well as use 000webhost Cpanel or free website builder settings & website management area.

You can also install your websites, blog or e-commerce shops using our 1 Click installer. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others, all in your own hands!

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Laman web mobile friendly

Sangatlah penting untuk mempunyai laman web yang berorientasikan mobile. Google melihat ini sebagai satu keutamaan agar boleh mempunyai Google search rating terbaik. Istimewanya, website builder percuma 000webhost dapat membuat laman web mobile friendly hanya dengan satu klik!

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Sangat mudah & cepat

Klik, drag, & drop adalah tiga perkara yang perlu anda lakukan! Kini membuat website adalah mudah dengan website builder percuma Sesiapa sahaja boleh membina laman web profesional! Anda tidak memerlukan pengkodan dan reka bentuk. Pilih template laman web, tambah teks, dan terbitkan laman web anda secara online!

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Beratus-ratus template website percuma

Beratus-ratus template terbaik boleh didapati secara percuma untuk anda. Setiap template dibuat secara manual, dioptimasi untuk SEO, dan mengikuti trend internet terbaru.

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SEO friendly

Dengan website builder percuma, laman web anda akan disenaraikan di Google, Yahoo, Bing, serta pelbagai enjin carian lain. Anda pun boleh mengubah pelbagai meta yang berkaitan dengan SEO seperti tajuk halaman, penerangan, kata kunci, dan lain-lain.

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Banyak pilihan, tidak perlu bimbang!

Hanya dengan satu klik, laman web anda boleh menjadi rakan Google Adsense dan boleh mula menjana wang dari Google. Aktifkan juga Google Analytics sehingga anda dapat memantau pengunjung anda. Video Youtube, MP3, Google Maps atau galeri foto - dapatkan dengan drag & drop, tanpa hal teknikal yang menyusahkan.

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Rambah media sosial!

Encourage your free website visitors to like and share information about you, your products or services via most popular social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Use our free website builder to add any social button to your website. Everything is possible only with free website builder.

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PT. Brawijata Perkasa

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Coco Carbon

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Fathan Moebina

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Ijabah Wisata

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PT. Balanta Budi Prima

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Jaya Mandiri Indotech

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Kakao Indonesia

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PT. Noher

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PT. Rizkatama Gemilang

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Sugarba Consulting

Frequently asked questions about our website builder.

These are the answers, to the frequently asked questions concerning our website builder.

Creating a website allows you to enter an entirely new world of opportunity. It might seem small at first, but after you consider the possibilities, it becomes quite clear!

By making a website, you open your content to a new audience. If it's a small business, you get a chance to spread the word and build your brand image. If you're a photographer, writer or another kind of creative type, you'll always have your portfolio with you!

Online store, blog or wedding invitation, that's just the tip of the iceberg of what can be possible. By creating a website, you partake in communication and get to shape what you want to say in a whole new, different way.

Of course you can! In fact, it's incredibly easy. You have a few options.

You can both create a blog from scratch and dedicate your website to this endeavor or dedicate a section of your website to this! It takes almost no effort! We made a way to create a site easily, so you can focus on creating great content!

Simple! All of our services are powered by Hostinger. 000webhost is a project that became the biggest free hosting service on the planet! Our website builder and other services can remain free because of Hostinger!

This is our way of giving the power to the people, making sure anyone and everyone has access to the chance to create a website!

It's incredibly easy to use! With our website builder, anyone can make a website. You don't need any technical knowledge at all.

The website builder uses a Drag & Drop interface, and designer made templates. All you need to do is pick a style that suits your business, adjust it and make it your own and add your content!

We made our website builder easy to use as a way to try and guarantee that anyone can make a website and share their ideas and projects with the world!

You can make a beautiful website, optimized for all types of displays in less than an hour. All you need to do is sign up, select the website builder during the setup process, choose a template and customize it. That’s it! After that, you’re ready to publish.

Yes you can! It’s incredibly easy too! At any point in your websites lifespan, you can make changes effortlessly.

When you want to change something on your website, all you need to do is log into your account, go to the website management section and use our builder to make your changes. The changes will take place as soon as you save them.

You can also make individual changes for different kinds of displays. Easily adjust the way your site looks on a mobile device or tablet display!

Yes you can! Our free website builder allows for e-commerce integration and will let you add a comfortable and well-performing cart, enabling you to sell goods, services, and products! Our website builder will allow you to both start a successful online presence and build an online store that will guarantee conversions and solid cart performance. Open a whole new potential revenue stream and start selling ASAP!

Of course! Embed videos into your website easily. You can configure embedding settings, the size of the video and other factors that will guarantee seamless integration.

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