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10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2017

Tulis, baca, dan bandingkan ulasan perkhidmatan web hosting. Www.000webhost.com adalah pembekal Web Hosting Percuma, dan direktori ini mengandungi deretan syarikat web hosting! Pengguna & webmaster dapat membandingkan serta mengulas perkhidmatan web host percuma mahupun berbayar. Direktori kami adalah salah satu yang terbesar di internet, dan komen ditulis oleh pengguna asli.

Ulasan doteasy.com oleh Michael pada 2017/06/27 pukul 21:00
Asked about domains before I bought them by phone and even by email and was never told the information I asked apparently. Now DOTEASY is trying to charge me an extra $15 per domain to transfer out when I have asked about all this well over a month ago and was put off apparently because all this is hidden in their terms.
Ulasan gigapros.com oleh Joao Almeida Barbosa pada 2017/06/27 pukul 07:41
I can't possibly rave about them more. I've always been frustrated by hosting in the past. Not with Gigapros. They've helped me more than I even thought I needed it and installing apps on my page is as simple as clicking a button in their awesome admin page. I am happy with the customer service and am also happy with the control panel. Uptime has been great - 99.9% guaranteed.
I enjoy my hosting experience dealing with gigapros - recommend this US host.
Ulasan eatj.com oleh pada 2017/06/26 pukul 22:07
Eatj.com shutdown without any noticed. It's really frustrated because all of my data there. There is no communication at all.please don't go there, and I won't recommend.
Ulasan 110mb.com oleh Aniket Aryan pada 2017/06/26 pukul 02:41
i only hacking for other people that do bad works on facebook
Ulasan mister.net oleh Angela Loughlin pada 2017/06/25 pukul 21:16
have been with mister.net since 2008 absolutely devasted as having no previous problems I renewed my domain in April and immediatetly afterwards my emails stopped working now my website has been deleted absolutely gutted and no response for help via emails have tried ringing to no avail makes me wonder if they are still in business a shocking way to repay a customer for all these years absolutely disgusted and my business is suffering badly and it will cost a lot of money to replace
Ulasan heliohost.org oleh Obi pada 2017/06/25 pukul 12:39
Heliohost is the worst host I have ever seen. Once you sent all information/email and stuff and they "set the server up" your email and username are no longer in their database.

Don't waste your time on this shitty wehost provider.
Ulasan dailyrazor.com oleh Padraig Brady pada 2017/06/23 pukul 13:50
You know I've been in the internet business for a long time and been with many hosting companies as well, and as far as am concern dailyrazor is the best in prices, features and the best is the support totally amazing. Since I am fairly new to internet programming and that sort of thing I have used it several times. Wow, I must say they are GOOD! I have had responses in a short amount of time and they have solved my problem every time.
Excellent service!
Ulasan host-ed.net oleh Marcus Gregorius pada 2017/06/23 pukul 08:58
These guys are great. My last provider was causing me serious issues. In complete frustration, I decided to try Host-ed over 2 years ago. Their support helped me with setup and installing some scripts.
I went for the annual business option, and I got started within minutes of purchasing the plan.
Ulasan gigapros.com oleh Raul Luesink pada 2017/06/22 pukul 14:14
It took 2 weeks to compare different web hosts and choose gigapros shared hosting service.
I paid $10 and got instant setup with so many features included like Hacker Guard + Alert - it prevent all hacker attempts, premium site builder, 1-click app installer, 100% mobile ready, etc.
Moreover, their high-availability cloud based infrastructure keeps my website online, ALWAYS!
I have been using gigapros hosting services for more than half of the year and I am totally impressed, so that I even decided to write a review.

Thanks, many thanks to their team of experts. Recommend this host.
Ulasan glowhost.com oleh Oli Denes pada 2017/06/21 pukul 09:03
Wow. glowhost.com have so cheap pricing for such resourceful hosting packages.
I like this decent hosting provider and can highly recommend their hosting services to others.
Double Thumbs Up!
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